Negotiating with the Japanese

About the Course:

To the uninitiated, negotiating with the Japanese is a mysterious process. Most Americans are unaware of the best methods to conduct due diligence or approach potential Japanese partners. Few Westerns understand the best means to communicate and build consensus with the Japanese between meetings. The majority of Westerns are unaware of how to strike the right balance between being direct and appearing rude.

This session is replete with key insights regarding negotiating with the Japanese. The following are among the issues discussed:

  • The best and worst times of the year to begin negotiating with the Japanese
  • Determining appropriate gifts to give
  • Understand the differences in negotiating with Zaibatsus versus Keiretsus
  • Differences in the roles of men and women
  • The importance of extra-curricular socializing on negotiating success
  • Learn which American / Western behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable among the Japanese
  • Understanding the power of your interlocutors based on the seating arrangements
  • Key points to emphasize during any negotiations with the Japanese
  • How to maintain relationships with Japanese counterparts despite their being frequently rotated to different positions in their companies
  • Understanding unspoken communication, body language and gestures
  • Problem resolution

Course Leader

Douglas Kaplan is the Principal, Consultant and Owner of DSK Global since May 2005. DSK Global is a leader in consulting American companies transacting and negotiating business in Japan. Clients hail from a diverse array of industries such as retail, food and beverage, entertainment, technology, autos, manufacturing, and government affairs. Douglas served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Taramax, Japan. Taramax is a manufacturer and distributor of Fendi and Celine Timepieces, both brands of the LVMH Luxury Group. Mr. Kaplan spent over 8 years working within the Japan and Asia luxury retail market. Previously, Mr. Kaplan served as an International Sales Manager for Coach watches and as a Vice President at Movado Group, Japan. His current clients include brands like Ivanka Trump fine jewelry, Givenchy timepieces, Playboy, and Rootote.

Course Length: Approx. 3 hours


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