Negotiating with Brazilians

About the Course:

Don't even think about negotiating with Brazilians without listening to this webinar.

You really do only have one chance to make a first impression. Failing to comport with Brazilians' expectations for behaving during negotiations can result in a longer negotiating cycle and increases the risks that the negotiations will collapse altogether.

This session provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn about dozens of important nuances of negotiating with Brazilians. Mr. Kris Williamson provides fascinating insights into Brazil's culture, legal system and negotiating practices.

If you don't know the answers to the following questions, you really should listen to this webinar:

  • How can you accelerate the pace of negotiations in Brazil?
  • What are some of the negotiating tactics to be aware of when doing business in Brazil?
  • What is required for a contract to be enforceable in Brazil?
  • What are the possible consequences of changing your negotiating team when doing business in Brazil?
  • How is silence perceived in negotiations with Brazilians?
  • Are negotiations via telephone calls recommended?
  • Is business casual attire the appropriate dress code when meeting with Brazilians?
  • Who is expected to pay for business meals? Will you be expected to drink alcohol?
  • What should women know about negotiating in Brazil?
  • How much touching is typical in Brazilian business meetings?
  • Where should you never place your handbags or computer cases?
  • What topics are off-limits when making small talk with Brazilian counterparts?
  • How much significance should be attached to a Brazilian interrupting you?
  • What kinds of body language are off-putting to Brazilians?
  • What are some regional variances to consider when negotiating in Brazil?

Course Leader: Kris Williamson, Associate, Advocacia Pietro Ariboni

Mr. Williamson studied Sociology in Leicester in England where he received a BA (Hons.) Degree, going on to obtain an LLB Degree with the University of London which led to his qualifying as a Barrister (Middle Temple) before the Bar of England and Wales in 1993. He moved to Brazil in 1995 with his Brazilian wife and first son, where he has remained ever since.

Kris began working in the area of Intellectual Property in 1996 with Daniel Advogados in Rio de Janeiro, becoming a registered trademark agent before the PTO in Brazil in 1999 and receiving a Post Graduate Qualification in Intellectual Property in 2000 from the Fundacao Getulio Vargas. Following qualification before the Brazilian Bar in 2005 he became a Partner and then went on to be associated with the firm of Advocacia Pietro Ariboni.

Kris is fluent in Portuguese and the last 16 years working in Brazil, principally as a lawyer, has provided him with more than enough information to provide newcomers to the Brazilian market place with insight, techniques and tools to guide them through the first phases of conducting negotiations in Brazil.

Course Length: Approx. 2.0 hours


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