Negotiating with Angel Investors

About the Course:

For emerging companies, raising capital from angel investors can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, when no one else dares step forward, angels infuse capital into companies that simply would not otherwise survive. Many angel investors provide crucial advice to young management teams and make invaluable introductions.

On the other hand, some angel investors are intrusive and distracting. Further, an excessive number of angels may act as venture capitalist repellant.

The following are among the issues discussed during this highly informative webinar:

  • Can angel investors who lose their accredited status--e.g. due to reduced income--invest in further rounds?
  • What are red flags as far as taking on angel investors?
  • How much equity do angels typically seek?
  • What are some penalties that can be levied against angels if they fail to 'pay for play'?
  • How can you best manage professional service fees when closing rounds with angel investors?
  • What form of paper (convertible debt or preferred stock, for example) do angel investors typically take?
  • What are a variety of methods for making valuation contingent on achieving milestones?
  • Should angels be granted seats on the Board of Directors?
  • What are the pros and cons of raising capital from angel groups?
  • What steps can be taken to make the presence of angel investors more attractive to venture capitalists?
  • What is 'cashless exercise' and what is the significance?
  • What is the impact of 'no shop' provisions in term sheets?

Course Leader: Stephen Nagler, Partner, Eaton Van Winkle

Steve Nagler assists corporate clients of the firm in arranging financing to accomplish their goals. Both private and public financings as well as mergers and acquisitions have been accomplished through his efforts.His clients include biotechnology, healthcare services, medical devices, media, technology, software, and consumer products companies, as well as venture capital funds and investment bankers, both foreign and domestic. His list of clients includes companies and investors in Canada, Israel, Hungary, France, Italy, Switzerland, and China as well as the U.S.

Mr. Nagler's extensive rolodex of venture capital, private equity, hedge funds and individual investors enables him to assist corporate clients in financing their growth and development. He also actively assists in the negotiation of financing terms and conditions. He has closed over $500 million in financings. Mr. Nagler chairs TriState Ventures LLC, a leading angel investor group in the New York area, and is a Founder and Executive Director of MedPro Investors, a new investor group made up of healthcare professionals. He is a graduate of the City College of New York and NYU Law School.

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours


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