Negotiating Transactions in Mexico

About the Course:

This session is a true tour de force into negotiating a variety of transactions in Mexico. One of Mexico's leading lawyers, Ricardo Resendiz, provides practical insight into a establishing a company in Mexico, acquiring a Mexican company and forging a joint-venture in Mexico. Mr. Resendiz imparts valuable advice regarding conducting due diligence in view of consummating transactions in Mexico as well as a host of cultural pointers for conducting negotiations in Mexico.

The following are among the issues discussed in this fascinating and informative webinar:

  • Process for incorporating a business in Mexico
  • Pros and cons of establishing various forms of legal entities in Mexico
  • Expected timelines for incorporating in Mexico
  • Tax reporting requirements for Mexican entities
  • Ability to repatriate capital /profits to home country
  • Degree of competition for attracting new businesses among Mexican states
  • Industries from which foreign businesses are precluded from operating
  • Filing requirements with various Mexican agencies when acquiring a Mexican business
  • Methods to protect intellectual property when negotiating joint-ventures
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms such as litigation, arbitration and mediation
  • Best practices for vetting the backgrounds of potential Mexican partners
  • Differences in negotiating with Mexican men and Mexican women
  • Times to avoid negotiating in Mexico
  • The propriety of after-hours socializing with Mexicans

Course Leader: Ricardo Resendiz, Founding Partner, Resendiz Wong, Abogados

Ricardo Resendiz , founding partner of RWA, is an attorney born in Mexico City with more than fifteen years of experience advising and representing foreign companies and clients in complex corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, reorganizations, contract negotiation, shares and asset purchases, real estate, corporate taxation, immigration, Industrial Property, energy and employment law.

Mr. Resendiz' primary target is to help U.S., European, Canadian and foreign clients reach their business goals in Mexico, all in accordance with the Mexican legal framework. Mr. Resendiz is a responsive bicultural attorney that provides straight-forward and accurate legal advice and solutions for client's best interest. Thanks to his performance as business lawyer and expert in foreign investment, Mr. Resendiz is recognized by the Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Washington and Illinois Trade Offices in Mexico and has lectured at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Mexico City and collaborates with media networks such as CNN and multiple law magazines and specialized journals rendering legal opinions on different topics of corporate and business law.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours


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