Negotiating Joint-Venture and Strategic Alliances

About the Course:

This session provides keen business and legal insight into the due diligence, deal structuring options and negotiating issues that surround forging joint-ventures and strategic alliances. Andrew Sherman shares his many years of experience as a leading corporate transactions lawyer by imparting advice relating to negotiating Memoranda of Understanding, Asset Purchase Agreements, License Agreements, Management and Support Agreements, and Supply Agreements.

The following are among the issues discussed during this webinar:

  • The differences between joint-ventures and strategic alliances vis-a-vis terms, strategic objectives, legal structures, extent of commitment, capital resources and tax ramifications
  • Key measures to undertake when conducting due diligence such as performing a consequential analysis
  • Importance of including a performance schedule in the agreements
  • Insight as to how some joint-ventures are worthwhile even when they fail
  • Devising methods for determining which partner makes which decisions
  • The use of deadlock mechanisms to facilitate decision making
  • Fees that one partner may charge the other such as those covered by Technical Assistance and Service Agreements
  • Risks associated with overnegotiating / seizing on the counterpart's vulnerabilities
  • Restrictions on the transferability of shares
  • The benefits of Texas shootouts for acquiring / selling an interest from / to a partner

Course Leader: Andrew Sherman, Partner, Jones Day

Andrew Sherman is the author of 23 books on business growth, capital formation and the leveraging of intellectual property. His most recent book is entitled "Harvesting Intangible Assets" and has received rave reviews from entrepreneurs and veterans of IP management. Andrew has appeared on numerous regional and local television broadcasts as well as national and local radio interviews for National Public Radio (NPR), Business News Network (BNN), Bloomberg Radio, AP Radio Network, Voice of America, Talk America Radio Network and the USA Radio Network, as a resource on capital formation, entrepreneurship and technology development.

He has served as a top-rated Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs at the University of Maryland for 23 years and at Georgetown University for 15 years where he teaches courses on business growth strategy. He has served as General Counsel to the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO) since 1987. In 2003, Fortune magazine named him one of the Top Ten Minds in Entrepreneurship and in February of 2006, Inc. magazine named him one of the all-time champions and supporters of entrepreneurship.

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours

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