Negotiating in Egypt

About the Course:

Negotiating in Egypt is the same as negotiating anywhere else in the world, except for the differences. Understanding the cultural sensitivities, influence of religion and the psyche of the Egyptian people can spell the difference between success and failure when negotiating in Egypt.

This seminar represents an unprecedented opportunity to listen best practices for negotiating in Egypt. Practical issues such as travel logistics, propriety of wearing non-Muslim religious symbols, off-limits discussion topics and the degree of alcohol consumption are discussed.

Among the issues discussed during this session are:

  • How can you vet the principals and agents that will participate in the negotiations in Egypt?
  • To what extent should agents be used when negotiating in Egypt?
  • When should eye contact be most intense? When should eye contact me moderated?
  • What should you expect in terms of same-sex kissing and touching in Egypt?
  • How are women executives received and treated when negotiating in Egypt? Should they cover their hair? Wear make-up?
  • Should you expect Egyptians to make extremely aggressive or more moderate opening offers?
  • Are interruptions common when negotiating in Egypt?
  • How prevalent is smoking in Egypt?
  • How impressed are Egyptians with titles?
  • Who is expected to pay if you dine with Egyptians?
  • What are the best and worst times to negotiate in Egypt?
  • Do Egyptians often lose their temper during negotiations?
  • How can local charities be involved in attempting to ratchet up contract compliance in Egypt?
  • Does "yes" always mean "yes" in Egypt? Or are such affirmations a matter of politeness?
  • When do contracts written in English carry weight in dispute resolution?
  • Are pauses for silence appreciated during negotiations with Egyptians?
  • Is laughter during negotiations accepted or frowned up in Egypt?

Course Leader:

Robert Mihail is the executive partner at NAL & Partners, a law firm located in Cairo, Egypt. He has over six years of experience advising clients on intellectual property, US patent law and prosecution, US trademark law and prosecution, technology transfer, IP valuation and IP licensing, technology development, and R&D Agreements. He graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor in Science in biotechnology (George Mason University) an obtained his JD from Franklin Pierce Law Center, University of New Hampshire, NH, USA. He is admitted to the Massachusetts State Bar, and as a Patent Attorney before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Robert has practiced law on two continents, in private practice as legal counsel as well as in house as licensing associate. At NAL, he heads a team of lawyers for drafting and negotiating IP and R&D agreements, commercializing technology portfolios, conducting freedom-to-license and freedom-to-operate (clearance) due diligence and US patent prosecution and trademark filings.

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours

$175.00 PER USER

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