Negotiating in Algeria

About the Course:

Negotiating in Algeria is the same as negotiating anywhere else in the world, except for the differences. Understanding the cultural sensitivities, influence of religion and the psyche of the Algerian people can spell the difference between success and failure when negotiating in Algeria.

This seminar represents an unprecedented opportunity to listen to a native Algerian and a westerner discuss their many years of experiences negotiating in Algeria. The combination of their experiences and impressions will help pave the way to negotiating successfully in Algeria.

Among the issues discussed during this session are:

  • How can you vet the principals and agents that will participate in the negotiations in Algeria?
  • What important issue (s) should be discussed early in dealing with agents in Algeria?
  • What are the risks in allowing your agents to become your spokesmen?
  • How important is maintaining a local presence in Algeria?
  • What should you do when shaking hands with an Algerian?
  • What should you expect in terms of touching in Algeria?
  • How are women executives received and treated when negotiating in Algeria?
  • Do Algerians typically negotiate in a linear or non-linear manner?
  • Should you make extremely aggressive or more moderate opening offers when transacting business in Algeria?
  • Are interruptions common when negotiating in Algeria?
  • Should you expect Algerian counterparts to invite you into their homes?
  • How impressed are Algerians with titles?
  • How should you behave when your Algerian counterparts take prayer breaks during the negotiations?
  • Who is expected to pay if you dine with Algerians?
  • What are the best and worst times to negotiate in Algeria?
  • Do Algerians often lose their temper during negotiations?
  • What is the typical speed at which negotiations in Algeria take place?

Course Leaders: Benoit J.P. Flammang, Founder & CEO, Beninvest

Benoit J.P. Flammang founded Beninvest in 1992. His strengths lie in taking a fresh approach in structuring deals and in using unique leveragable ideas in marketing and unique positioning for strategic business development. He started his career at IBM Belgium, restructured a money-losing R&D/Manufacturing telecom company in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved on to New York to create several companies. He is a longtime advisor for Foreign Trade to the Belgian Government

Benoit is Director of Business Development for the Carlyle Real Estate Group, is an advisor to SIXX Partners and to Green Hills Ventures, a multi-billion dollar wealth management company headquartered in New York.

He received his B.A. in Applied Economics from ICHEC in Brussels. He is fluent in English, Dutch/Flemish and French and conversational in German.

Rachid Belbachir, Managing Director, Beninvest

Rachid is an Algerian with more than 25 years of international business development experience. He is a member of the Arab Bankers Associations of North America. He spends roughly half of his time negotiating transactions in Algeria.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours

$295.00 PER USER

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