Negotiating Improvement Rights and Joint Inventions

About the Course:

Negotiating improvement rights and joint invention agreements can be among the most vexatious aspects of structuring licensing agreements. On the one hand, licensees want to ensure that their investments will not be in vain if the licensor develops a superior technology shortly after signing a license. On the other hand, licensors do not want their licensees to overreach by claiming that all of the licensors’ future inventions are to automatically revert to the licensee. This session discusses a variety of measures to take to reduce the tension associated with negotiating improvement rights and joint invention agreements.

The following are among the issues discussed:

  • How are terms such as "foreign official", "corruption", "anything of value" defined under the FCPA?
  • How can senior executives become ensnared by the FCPA under the theory of "willful blindness"?
  • What are some of the local law and facilitating payment exceptions to the FCPA?
  • How can you use your compliance with the FCPA to negotiate favorable rates from your local advisors?
  • What are the accounting and internal control requirements under the FCPA?
  • How should the FCPA affect due diligence in preparation for making acquisitions? To what extent do liabilities under the FCPA transfer to acquirers?
  • How can hiring patent examiners on a consultancy basis to assist with translations embroil you in FCPA matters?
  • What are the monetary penalties associated with violating the FCPA? When can violating the FCPA land you in jail?

Course Leader: Larry Schroepfer, Founder & Principal of LS Technology Law Associates

Larry Schroepfer is founder and principal of LS Technology Law Associates. The primary focus of his practice consists of representing companies, universities and research institutions in transactions involving technology and intellectual property, including patent and technology licensing, technology transfer, and a wide range of other technology and intellectual property transactions.

A lawyer with over thirty years of total corporate and commercial experience, Larry has been concentrating in the area of licensing and technology transfer for over fifteen years. He has served as Senior Director with InterDigital Communications, a wireless technology developer; Vice President, Intellectual Property Transactions with BTG International, a UK-based life sciences company, and Director of Licensing with AMP Incorporated (now Tyco Electronics Corporation), an electronic components manufacturer. Larry has also had significant experience in the university-to-industry technology transfer space in both the life sciences and physical sciences sectors.

Course Length: Approx. 1.0 hours


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