Negotiating Directors' & Officers' Insurance Coverage

About the Course:

The combination of our litigious society and the weak economy renders the purchasing of directors and officers insurance coverage to be of critical importance. While D&O insurance is essential for all Board Members, D&O insurance is a highly sophisticated product. Companies that are going to negotiate the purchase or renewal of their D&O coverage must be familiar with a host of pricing and coverage issues.

Among the issues discussed during this session are:

  • Leveraging the D&O purchasing timeline
  • Understanding insurance broker motivations
  • Distinguishing indemnified versus non-indemnified D&O losses
  • Ascertaining commitment of insurance company to the D&O line of insurance
  • Determining whether or not to replace insurance carriers
  • Assessing claims handling abilities
  • Requiring prompt policy issuance
  • Understanding definition of claims and definition of insureds
  • Learning the nuances of definition of losses and exclusions
  • Gaining insight into other issues such as follow form coverage and attachment language

Course Leader: Dan Bailey, Member, Bailey Cavalieri

Dan is a nationally recognized expert regarding directors' and officers' responsibilities, liabilities, indemnification, insurance, and loss prevention. As Chair of Bailey Cavalieri's Directors & Officers Liability Practice Group, he represents and consults with directors and officers, corporations, insurance companies, and law firms across the country. In addition to advising Boards and drafting most of the D&O insurance policies in the market, he has represented clients or served as an expert witness in many of the largest D&O claims for more than 25 years. He is co-author of Liability of Corporate Officers and Directors, a leading treatise on the topic, has published dozens of articles and speaks at more than 20 seminars a year on the subject.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours


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