Managing Internal Negotiations

About the Course:

Deals are not only negotiated across the table, but also negotiated alongside the table. Often, negotiating deals internally is more challenging than negotiating with counterparts at other companies.

Corporate negotiators must gain buy-in and ongoing support from senior executives and board members. They must be vigilant of sabotage on the part of their subordinates. They must manage CEOs who may otherwise make unnecessary concessions to consummate transactions.

Negotiators must guard against adversaries who endeavor to fractionalize their negotiating teams. Such tactics include attempting to remove the chief negotiator; intimating that select employees may be offered positions at the other company; and, promises of praise before bosses so long as concessions are delivered.

Issues to be discussed during this session include:

  • Should corporate negotiators use internal MOUs to ensure buy-in of deals they are pursuing
  • Should your team be bifurcated into valuation professionals, negotiators and integration experts
  • How to maintain a unified voice on your team
  • How to minimize the risk of internal sabotage of your deal
  • How to detect hidden agendas among your team members
  • How do you value the concessions made during the negotiations
  • How to hire, compensate and manage advisors in view of potential misalignments of interest
  • How to get approvals from Boards of Directors
  • How should CEOs deal with threats to remove them if they don't go along with the deal
  • How to communicate set-backs to managers
  • How to prevent a boss from granting unnecessary concessions at the closing
  • How can you best critique your team's negotiating performance

Course Leaders: Frank Vollrath, Director of Intellectual Property Operations, Xerox Corporation

Frank Vollrath is Director of Intellectual Property Operations at Xerox Corporation responsible for IP commercialization and protection. Prior to this appointment, Frank had served within Xerox as the Manager for Intellectual Property Business Operations responsible for finance, IT, administration and governance functions within the group. Frank's previous roles in Xerox include finance responsibility for technology spinouts, the technology incubation function and IP Licensing as well as assignments in treasury, financial services and marketing operations.

William J. Cotreau, Senior Counsel, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Bill has been a senior patent lawyer with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company since 1999. Currently, at DuPont, Bill is a senior counsel to the Intellectual Assets Business (IAB), DuPont's centralized licensing business. He drafts and negotiates intellectual property agreements for a broad array of DuPont's Strategic Business Units. He also assists other attorneys in structuring, negotiating and drafting intellectual property transactions and informs the legal function of financial and tax issues which affect license structure. He prepares and prosecutes patent applications in electrochemical and polymer art areas.

Timothy R. Croll, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary, LSI Corporation

Tim Croll is from LSI Corporation where he is a Senior IP Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary. LSI is a leading provider of innovative silicon and software technologies that enable products to seamlessly bring people, information and digital content together to power leading solutions in the Storage and Networking markets. Tim came to LSI from Agilent Technologies/Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Prior to that Tim was in private practice at the IP law firm, Blakeley, Sokoloff, Taylor and Zafman.

Course Length: Approx. 1.5 hours


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